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My work ranges from paranormal report to supernatural folklore, through the psychic, the sacred, the historic & beyond.




Eric Hawthorne Wood is a humble wizard next to the ones of fantasy. “I don’t wave wands or cast spells,” he says. “But I also happen to be real.” He admits some talents “that would look to you like magic” and that make him one of the most dangerous people on the planet. He’d better be. His is a hazardous career.

Narrator Wood escorts invaluable and often enchanted objects from seller to buyer in the underground economy of a long-lived wizards’ community nicknaming itself “the College.” In telling the tale of an occult truce his impulsive actions have tested, The Prince of the Air – Wood’s adventurous memoirs – sweeps us into this quirky world-within-our-world, one of superhuman abilities, monstrous assassins, tripwire deception, and ageless intrigue.



The Whistlers: A Paranormal Intrigue

Three Ohio pothunters turn up a bizarre artifact – a life-sized human lower jaw fashioned out of quartz crystal – near a Hopewell burial mound in 2007. Shortly after it surfaces on the underground antiquities market, its vendors are found dead, evidently after interrogation.’

An alarming new drug suspected of a South American origin turns up in 2008 in Buffalo, NY. The most benign of its reported effects is the activation of ESP.

Anatomically perfect Crystal Skulls are found at ancient sites in the Yucatan jungles and the Peruvian mountain forest in 2009 and 2010. Both archaeological teams vanish.

International investigations converge around school teacher/paranormal scholar Ward Courier when his works of fiction and folklore turn out to be prophetic of these events and more.

Through his conferences with law enforcement agencies – and his maddening affair with a dangerous woman – Courier is swept into an adventure that unfolds across the Americas and involves Native American spirituality, apocalyptic prophecy, the legendary Crystal Skulls, an ancient, potentially extraterrestrial conspiracy, and the monstrous cult of blind assassins known as “the Whistlers.”


The Rose Witch: Supernatural Tales Among Western New York’s Ethnicities

Celebrated for its ethnic riches, Western New York may have another heritage – the astonishing survival of ancient supernatural tradition from across the globe. The Rose Witch is Mason Winfield’s groundbreaking survey of lore and legends from Western New York’s diverse cultures.

“On the Niagara,” Winfield writes, “the Banshee, the Little People, the after-life messages, and ‘the Evil Eye’ are not exactly as they appear in the classic stories.” Neither are the curses, the spells, the shapeshifters, the omens, or the other figments of local belief. The fact that they survive at all ought to take our breath away.

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