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Robert Young

NOVEMBER 23, 2023

Supernatural Shakespeare! 
Ghosts, Fate, Fairies, and Witchcraft in Shakespeare’s Age with TJ Snodgrass, Ph. D, professor and scholar


The often irreverent conversations of the armchair philosophers and avid paranormalists The PSY-WAYMEN take us on a whirlwind tour every time.

ROBERT YOUNG, Ph. D., and author MASON WINFIELD are united not only through their friendship but through their long track record with the paranormal. Tonight–November 30, 2023–Mason’s just a wing-man. Counselor and psychologist Dr. Bob Young speaks from his decades of experience with veterans on The Curses of War.



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NOVEMBER 23, 2023

Supernatural Shakespeare! 
Ghosts, Fate, Fairies, and Witchcraft in Shakespeare’s Age with TJ Snodgrass, Ph. D, professor and scholar


Never forget that the folk of Shakespeare’s age were as close to the traditions of their pagan ancestors as they were to us. Not surprisingly, thoughts of the supernatural were never far from the Shakespearian world. Author and professor T. J. SNODGRASS has made a study of these beliefs and customs of Shakespeare’s day as shown through his poems and plays. The discussion makes for a merry and informative hour!



Belinda Gore

NOVEMBER 9, 2023

The Great Circle Alliance:
Spiritual Perspectives on Ohio’s Ancient Ceremonial Earthworks with Belinda Gore, Ph. D.


The ceremonial earth- and stone-works of the North American Hopewell Culture are both magnificent and mysterious. The average North American doesn’t even know they exist. Sacred treasures for the benefit and growth of all humankind, they are sites and portals for the spiritual development of every individual. They are also, like all temples and some strange places in the landscape, zones of “Exceptional Human Experience.” Yes, they get ghost stories.

Ohio native BELINDA GORE is the director of The Great Circle Alliance. We welcome her enthusiastically to Spirit Way Project.



Great Circle Alliance


OCTOBER 31, 2023

A Celtic Halloween: 

Gaelic Customs and Attitudes to the Supernatural

with Owen Ó Súilleabháin, Gaelic bard and musician


Owen Ó Súilleabháin is an inspiring young master who carries on the traditions of the Gaelic bards. Singer, musician, composer, and poet, Owen is ideally suited to give us the inside track on the Ancestors at the Night of All Souls, Halloween. Join us for a penetrating look into the living supernatural of the Celtic people.

Owen Headshot 2016 (Laura Kilgus)


OCTOBER 21, 2023

The Little People of the American South

First Nations Traditions and Contemporary Encounters

with Joshua Cutchin, author-researcher


Most Americans think of the Little People–Fairies, magical races of human-like beings–as components of European tradition, and nothing more than figments of folklore. It would surprise many of us to learn that many if not most of the First Nations of North America maintain an active tradition of these little beings of the woods–and that they are not the only people who occasionally see them. 

Our guest JOSHUA CUTCHIN is a native of North Carolina with a long interest in forteana. He holds a Masters in Music Literature and a Masters in Journalism from the University of Georgia, and currently works as a public affairs specialist in the southeast. In addition to his media work, Joshua is also a published composer and maintains an active performing schedule as a jazz and rock tuba player, having appeared on eight albums and live concert DVDs. He is also the author of a number of books including The Brimstone Deceit and Thieves in the Night.

Joshua is one of the more cerebral paranormalists you are going to meet, and Spirit Way Project look forward to him appearing as the guest on our first program to air.
Joshua Cutchin